What Is TMJ?

What is TMJ disorder? How would you know if you are affected? Why does TMJ happen? Is there any first aid treatment for it? In this article we will discuss the basic facts about Temporomandibular Joint disorder also known by many as TMJ malfunction.

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It was explained by experts that this is a disorder that develops when your Temporomandibular Joints do not function normally. Dysfunctions happen when the joint shapes up abnormally, moves out from it's primary location, or maybe is affected by arthritis. TMJ dysfunction is commonly cited on one's jaws, making one's face look swell. If you are affected by such disorder, your jaw would pop if you will open your mouth and it would feel like your mouth would be hanging open for a second or two.

More common symptoms noted such as stiff and painful jaws, pain on the ears, troubles on eating, popping noise on your jaw on those time times where you try to open your mouth, and headache that comes along with major pain on one side of your head, if the disorder affect only on a side.

TMJ malfunction usually happen when one is on some trauma or mental distress, though this cause maybe questionable, it is proven to have a huge impact on TMJ disorder affected individuals. Overuse of the jaws also can trigger such disorder. Chewing gum for a whole day is a good example of how one "overuses" their jaws. Injuries during physical sports game also is one of contributor on this bone malfunction. Statistic shows that there are over 10 million Americans affected by TMJ malfunction.

Fortunately, there are things that you can do as first aid if you are affected by such a disorder. Generally, it is a must for you to discipline your chewing habit. If you love chewing gum, then you must stop it for the treatment would basically require you to reduce the pressure you would apply on chewing foods. You need to go on a soft food diet and avoid eating hard meat that requires your jaw's force to chew. Every time you clench your jaw or grind it, it will affect on your disorder.

If it is your left jaw that is affected, then try using your right so that the force would be coming from there. What you are trying to do, is to let the affected side "rest." The application of heating pad two times a day on the affected part helps. Aspirin and ibuprofen can help reduce the inflammation. The cure is actually inexpensive and easy that you wouldn't have to set an appointment to your doctor, but this may differ depending on one's condition.

If you are in doubt times and are wondering if you have a TMJ malfunction then it is best for you to consult an expert. Physical therapists, dentists and orthodontists are the best people you could reach that will explain to you what is TMJ disorder and gives you advice, prescription and treatment options that would suit for your need.

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